quilted chargers

quilted charger

15" round

My brother's parting words to me have always been "catch you on the flip side." It's a nod to our childhood spent spinning tunes from our family's vast collection of record albums. Side A, the solid-gold hit. Side B, the harmonious surprise.

That's how I see our fabulous quilted round charger. It's a dash more fancy than our placemat and is double-sided in lovely coordinating patterns. The 15" round is tightly quilted and lightly padded to wash and wear beautifully. And if one side gets over-played, you can always spin the flip side.

mix, match, layer and love!
The stripe side of our charger can open up all kinds of possibilities for coordinating pattern into your tablescape. Have fun with it!

Quilted Chargers

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Quilted Chargers